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Invazia Extraterestra – Film documentar subtitrat

Un film care ne introduce intr-o alta istorie a Pamantului, una de care nu stiam, cu o religie care are la baza o altfle de creatie. Faptele prezentate sunt uluitoare, si nu este un SF, este adevarul despre Planeta Pamant.

Partea – I

Partea – II

Partea – III

Partea – IV


2 responses

  1. Foarte interesant!….la mai multe astfel de informatii…

    noiembrie 10, 2010 la 4:42 pm

  2. Child of God

    True and still false. There is no aliens. There are demons coming as aliens so people will believe them, trust them and that will be the end of the humanity. That is because they will probably try to modify the DNA of people making them no longer humans. Why are they making this video now? Why now when things are closed to happen? We re not going to have an invasion of aliens but a invasion of demons. People put your trust in God cause from Him will come your salvation. Supra-natural things will happen but God is in charge of it, and if you trust Him you will be saved. Don’t receive the Mark of the Beast no-matter what it will be. That will most probably modify your genetic and you no longer be a human being so no way you can be saved. The bible talk about all this things that will happen. Read it and stay closed to God. I love people and the idea that there are people and demons behind the scene trying to modify their DNA and their genetics is killing me. Peace and love be with you.

    ianuarie 8, 2012 la 9:56 am

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